Who the hell is this?
If you walked past me in the street now, you would not recognise me from this photo. It's amazing what a few more years and a lot less hair can do. It is true that I am no longer the callow faced 20 year old you see here.

This is the person whose artistic output was confined to the bikes and lifestyle he lived and breathed. Rode around on an old BSA in various, usually perilous, states of repair. Stayed up to the wee hours listening to Hawkwind, Gong and Pink Floyd while reading the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers (Which will mean so little to so many and so much to so few).

He would be amazed that he ends up using a computer so much considering his reluctance to being taught programming while at university. That he would have whole books to his name with hundreds of his drawings in, would also come as a bit of a surprise. Managing to spend a considerable part of his adult life avoiding having a 'proper' job would come as a bit of a relief.

We are all the products of our past. The strange and unforeseen path that leads to now. The hairy herbert you see to the left is the person who led to the artist that produced this web site and all the art on it. Without the person who I was. None of this would of happened.

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