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My Celtic Art has appeared in a number of different formats over the years. Books, Window Transparencies, Mugs, Coasters, bookmarks and Wall Plaques. Prime amongst those formats were cards. Below are limks to examples of my Celtic Cards. The Black and White and Colour Galleries are older designs originally published by Tantra Designs and currently out of print. The Dysis set, I originally self-published and are still available. I take them to shows to sell. They are also available wholesale from Needs to be Seen publishing.
Below are links to some of my older Celtic Art.
Produced back at the beginning of my digital experimentation.
Metal Triskel Tal-y-Llyn Shield Boss
Biting Heads Spiral Ball
Villesneux Faces Three Man Circle
Lindisfarne Page Stonehenge
Donegal Sword Hilt Man and Beast
Holcombe Mirror Back Weiskirchen Plaque
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Fantasy, Celtic, Gothic, Steampunk and Fairy Art
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