Many years ago, I was commissioned to produce two covers for books with an Arthurian theme. So I designed a version of Excalibur with Celtic references and a bit of a modern feel to make it different. It was back when I worked in acrylic and watercolour so decided to revisit it digitally in a new picture. Now tempted to go back to one of the covers and redo that.

I always thought of this as a ceremonial version of a sword rather than a fighting one. Having done a very small bit of sword fighting, in my even more distant past, I knew that the addition of precious stones and decoration was not that practical when doing a bit of hitting with lumps of metal. Not sure what the new neighbours thought when they walked into the back garden for the first time to see, over the fence, a full blown sword fight going on surrounded by a group of hairy bikers egging the fight on. I can still see them open mouthed looking on. Happy days.

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