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Celtic Bards, Celtic Druids was the first major book project that I worked on. The brief was for 16 full colour paintings, a border and a black and white motif. I supplied these and included a few black and white pieces of knotwork to add to the celtic look of the book. Just because it seemed like a good thing to do. Early days and keen I suppose.

I find it impossible to give any proper appraisal of my own work or anything I have been involved in. When you get too close to a subject it is difficult to truly objective about it. I do, however, include some images from the book to give an idea of the pictorial content. In this case, I had to cover a variety of style of image over different eras ranging from a spiral representation of the Druidic Universe to a 17th/18th century Welsh storyteller!

Otherwise the title of the book is reasonably self-explanatory, in that it covers different aspects of Bards and Druids of the Celtic variety. Both the authors have many years of experience in the matters they cover. Many of the stories, songs and poems are their translations.

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Olwen of the White Track Gruagach, an otherworld being in Scottish tradition

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