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Cover of The Crafter's desin Library: Celtic The Crafter's Design Library: Celtic
ISBN:0 7153 1441 6 (hardback UK)
ISBN 0 7153 1442 4 (Paperback US)
279 x 216mm - 128 pages
350b/w templates
20 colour photographs
20 colour illustrations

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Part One - The essential techniques:
- introducing Celtic art
- about this book
- ideas for crafting
- applying motifs to craft media
- adapting and embellishing designs
- creating new looks
- using and adapting border designs
- using colour
- project gallery.
- Part Two - The templates:
- knots
- zoomorphic
- spirals
- saints and angels
- Tree of Life
- La Tene
- alphabets.

Choose from over 350 striking Celtic motifs, patterns and pictures and apply them to all your favourite crafts. Whether used for quilting, glass paintings or stencilling, this rich abundance of source material will provide bundles of inspiration. Crafters of all skill levels need an extensive selection of motifs and patterns to apply to their work. This sourcebook provides a rich and varied source of superb quality Celtic motifs, all of which can be copied and applied to a range of crafts.

Part One: this is an introduction to the history of Celtic art, before going on to show, step-by-step, how to trace, photocopy and even scan the images. After showing how to copy the templates, this section goes on to describe how to apply them to a number of crafts, from cross-stitch, needlework and quilting to glass painting, metal embossing, stamping and more. Applying colour to the patterns is also discussed.

Part Two: this is the extensive library of Celtic motifs. Knots, borders and spirals are always favourites with crafters, as they are so versatile and can be as subtle or striking as required. Zoomorphic images, along with Saints and Angels, show animal and human forms depicted in the unique Celtic style. The embellished lettering can be applied to any number of crafts,
while the varied Tree of Life section contains Celtic motifs to suit any occasion. Finally, the softer, classic swirls of the La Tène patterns will delight everyone.

The Crafter's Design Library: Celtic not only provides a rich source of Celtic imagery, but also gives practical advice and inspirational tips on how to use them for any craft of your choice.

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