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Cover of The Crafter's desin Library: Fantasy The Crafter's Design Library: Fantasy
By Chris Down
Publishers David & Charles Ltd.
ISBN:0 7153 1579 X (hardback UK)
ISBN 0 7153 1580 3 (Paperback USA)
279 x 216mm - 128 pages
250b/w templates
14 colour illustrations
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Part One - The essential techniques:
- introducing Fantasy art
- about this book
- ideas for crafting
- adapting and embellishing designs
- adding colour
- applying motifs to craft media
- creating new looks
- project gallery.
Part Two - The templates:
- Fairies, Elves and Pixies
- Witches and Wizards
- Glades and Grottos
- Dragons
- Mythical Beasts
- Horsemen and Heraldry
- Castles, Towers and Turrets
- Other Worlds.
- Celestials and Zodiac.
- Borders and Backgrounds.

Crafters of all skill levels need an extensive selection of motifs and patterns to apply to their work. Part One gives an introduction to fantasy art, before going on the explain how to trace, photocopy and even scan the images. This section then shows, step-by-step, how to apply them to a number of crafts, from cross-stitch and needlework to glass painting, metal embossing, stamping and more. There are even instructions for combining and embellishing motifs, and applying colour. A gallery of completed projects provides ideas and inspiration.

Part Two is the extensive library of clear, high quality Fantasy motifs. The subjects have been carefully considered to give a wide variety of Fantasy images. The motifs progress in complexity within each chapter, starting with simple and easy motifs, moving on to more detailed images. Whether you want a quick motif for a gift card or rubber stamp, or a more intricate look for a beautiful piece of glass painting, there is sure to be lots to delight and inspire.

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