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Heroes of the Round Table was, for me, the sequel to Celtic Bards, Celtic Druids. Though there is no actual connection between the content of the two books or the authors involved. It is merely that the commission came hot on the heels of the completion of Bards and it also was for 16 colour paintings.

This book also coincided with my starting to work on a computer. Five of the paintings involved some computer work. This was just for the colouring of knotwork borders and no proper image manipulation. Tempted to see what I could do four years later, I have played around considerably with part of one of those paintings. View it by clicking the Guinevere thumbnail below. The other images I have slightly worked on to make them more presentable on the web.

The content of the book is split into two. The first section gives a history to all things Camelot. The second, has 16 chapters each covering a character involved in the stories of the Round Table. This is where the paintings come in as they are of each of the 16 characters.

I must take this point to thank those that stood around on cold January days to enact the various scenes in the book. They are: Chris, Dick, Joe, John, Nancie, Paul, Rachel, Robin, Sally and Seorse.

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Gawaine Merlin
Guinevere Excalibur

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