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Welcome to the web site of artist and Illustrator Chris Down. That'll be me then. Here you will find examples of the different forms of art I have produced over the last 20 years. Some of which appear in the more than 50 books I have illustrated over that time. At the beginning, I focused on Celtic Art and there are still many examples here. My current work is often classified as fantasy art. I like to think it as portrait painting. Even if the portrait should be of a fairy, mermaid or dragon. There are plenty of other genres in here including Gothic art and Steampunk art. I like to investigate different directions to the art. Over the course of the year, I appear at a number of festivals and events selling my art direct. As I now do in the prints section of this web site.
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As a freelance illustrator/artist, I am available for commissions.
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On October 1st and 2nd 2016 I shall be part of a group exhibition in Glastonbury.
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In this site, some images have a logo stamped through them. Unfortunately, this is a practical necessity of the net. All images contained on this site have been created by me, they are my copyright and are not to be copied or used for commercial gain without my permission.

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