Galleries: From Paintings to Pencils, they are found here.

I have produced art in a variety of media and styles over the years which are present in these galleries. Way back when I started to receive commissions to produce book illustrations, I worked with acrylic paints and watercolours. It was not long before I was introduced to the world of digital art and I did not look back. Working for print, the work always gets digitised at some point, starting with digital painting simplified the process. Pens and pencils were never far from my hands though and a great deal of the commissioned art was also produced as pen and inks. I have liked working in both worlds.

The galleries in the various drop down menus give examples of different works. Many of my paintings are to be found in these pages. Most of these are personal works as opposed to commissioned. When it comes to the numerous pen and ink drawings I have produced for books, there would be far too many to include them all. What I have here, is a fairly comprehensive snapshot of that work. Then of course there is the photography which is very much a part of my artistic output. I produce photos purely for the sake of them as well taking the reference images for many of my paintings.

Here are just a few examples of the images which can be found in the various drop down menus.